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Carolina Montilla

Chile, Santiago

Psycochorporal and expressive therapist, specialized in dance and movement. Art creator and edu...

Nana Ponceleon

United States

Nana is a TEDx Speaker and a transformational life coach. She is an advisor in the Florence Belsk...

Juan Eduardo Zamora

Chile, Santiago

Kinesiólogo, Profesor de Ed. Física. Magister en fisiología clínica del ejercicio.

Marija Randic


Hello, my name is Marija. I am a trainer, content designer and a professional coach. My missio...

Sofia Luna


Me llamo Sofia, soy Coach y mi propósito es brindar las herramientas correctas a la mayor cantida...

Carolina Montilla

Spain, Valencia

Carolina is a dance pedagogue specialized in Flamenco, Spanish Dance and Latin Dance. Personal Tr...

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Anthony Leccritia

Italy, Rome

Anthony is a coach, speaker and mentor with more than 20 years of experience. He have helped more...

Marie Duprat

France, Paris

Marie is a dance movement therapist and has been teaching people all over the world about their b...

Marlon Louissant

United Kingdom, City of London

Marlon is a personal trainer, nutritionist and physical therapist. He is the one help you need to...

Barbara Fletcher

Germany, Berlin

Barbara have created her personal style using different techniques. She has more than 25 years of...

John Macias

United States, City of Los Angeles

John has being dedicated to circus arts over 15 years and he has an extraordinary experience teac...


Carlos (IRONMAN360) Cordova has been repping Jersey BBOYing since ‘98. A product of the party lif...